Eating out can be terribly expensive; and when cash is in short supply, eating out just isn’t an option. It’s amazing how much you want a good cheeseburger or steak when you simply can’t have one. Living in a motel room significantly reduces your culinary options. Thankfully, Karen thought a head and we moved in with our rice cooker, coffee maker, and toaster – already in the room was a small fridge and a microwave oven. If we could access our storage (or if we would have remembered before hand) we would have also brought our crockpot – that would have opened up a ton of delicious options.

Karen has mastered microwave cooking.  For breakfast, she’ll often make us breakfast sandwiches which include egg, melted cheese, salami, on toasted bread. They’re actually pretty good.  Gracie mostly prefers just eggs or oatmeal, thankfully, both of these are possible with what we have available.


Hot dogs for lunch!

So far for lunch, we’ve eaten sandwiches, bean & cheese burritos, cup of noodle, hot dogs, and the household favorite, nachos.  Burritos, usually a favorite of mine, are a little more difficult to accomplish.  Microwaves simply do not do a good job at warming up tortillas.

I’m really thankful that we have a Costco membership; we never really noticed how items like bread or cheese that cost just a dollar or two more at Costco but you get 8x the quantity than you would from the grocery store.  And of course, you can’t beat lunch or dinner at Costco!

Kalbi Beef

(Korean) Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.

For dinner, Karen might pick a rotisserie chicken from Safeway, we’ll make rice or mashed potatoes.  Karen has also mastered microwave pasta prep… We’ve also discovered the Safeway has some good affordable hot meals – which is our goto on Tuesday nights when Gracie has soccer and we have bible study shortly there after, we can usually get in and out of Safeway, feeding all 3 of us for less than $10.

Tonight, apparently we’re splurging.  She found microwavable Kalbi Beef, so we’ll make rice, and sadly however, we threw out the Kimchi not too long ago as it was stinking up our cooler.  Oh well.

Tie In

I usually try to tie in my blog posts back to God; and while I am thankful for all that God provides us – I just wanted to put this post together to remember how we ate while living in a motel.  Perhaps I will tie this back to God on a future re-read.