Why I Believe

I do not claim belief by some neutral evaluation of the evidence for God, judging him, weighing the evidence, watching the scales sway back and forth.  Accepting this piece of evidence while rejecting another that may not meet the popular consensus of acceptability – as if we have a determined standard from which to judge God. To be honest, it takes great self-restraint not to push neo-evidentialist off their sand pile as they place God upon their man-made heap, confidently proclaiming “truth” on a foundation that slowly shifts with the cultural winds.

I believe in God because it is innate in our nature to do so, to which of course, even the scriptures testify – Psalm 19:1-2, Job 12:7-10, Romans 1:20.  Material and philosophical evidence for God is nothing more than scholarly restatements of the obvious – that creation itself declares the Glory of God. Material evidence is not a foundation from which to stand from, they are at best, the leaves on a tree – they are not even the branches, nor the roots – when we speak of belief or faith we ought to stand on the Rock wearing the full of armor of God with our sword, unsheathed clenched in our dominant hand.

I believe because God’s Word reveals God.  The sixty-six books that comprise the Bible are not a peripheral addendum to faith – the Word of God is both the match, spark, and fuel for it – Romans 10:17.  God’s Word is bold in its proclamations, fulfilled prophesies carried down through history as a testament to God’s faithfulness and truth.  We are left without the room for imagination on its origins as we are reminded by Jesus, John, Paul and Peter on the ultimate source of all scripture – God himself.  A claim that sets such a high bar of expectation for perfection, exactness, and accuracy that surely 40 different men, over the course of 1,500 years, written in 3 languages, during difficult and trying times could have not possibly accomplished.  Yet, the Word of God stands as true, bold, and exclusive – not a stain, scratch, or blemish to its reputation despite existing in a world that has been at war with truth since the very beginning.

I believe because the universality of the Laws of Logic, Ethics, and Morality reveal God. Time and time again, we as individual members of a greater humanity express our rationale and value propositions against a veiled backdrop of an ultimate standard.  As you study the Bible, the veil is partially lifted as we are given a glance at the character of the majesty on high.  Just as we are innately aware of a Creator, our ability to reason, know justice and righteousness has been written on our hearts – Romans 2:15.  Perhaps it is a fingerprint of God upon us, that we as creatures are given access to a transcendent standard which we desire and aim towards but unable to attain without the finished work of Jesus Christ.

I believe because art and creativity reveal God.  The world around us exhibits a shocking splendor of diverse colors, shapes, materials, sounds, and purposes – features and characters that far exceed utility or necessity.  God enjoys creating and appreciates beauty; and as image bearers of God we boldly reflect this characteristic in our preferences, expressions, and creativity.

I believe because God has allowed me to believe.  I am a recipient of his amazing grace; a wicked sinner, deserving of justice and his wrath, yet, instead of justice he provided undeserving mercy.  God the son (Jesus), taking the form of sinful flesh, lived a life of perfect obedience to the father, and he paid the price of my sins – a debt that he did not owe and the price of which was death.  But, God raised Jesus from the grave, a demonstration of his power and faithfulness, that we too may have life in him.  Jesus has given me life where there was death; he has healed my spiritual blindness; he has opened my ears; he removed my heart of stone and has given me heart that lives for Christ.

No, I cannot claim to believe as others may try that I have neutrally evaluated the evidence for God, judging him, and counting the evidence to watch the scales sway one way and another.  No, I believe because spiritually, metaphysically, naturally, and logically all unanimously declare the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – the truth of God is brighter than our sun; a light so bright it even pierces tightly closed eyes.